Osorno Consulting

Helping Forest Products Companies Reach Their Full Potential


Mike Steele, Founder


Mike began working in the Forest Products industry in 1995 in Chile, and since then his professional career has been focused on consulting to, strategizing with, and leading incredible organizations. He has spent decades leading teams and improving forest products businesses in 15 countries across 3 continents using proven methodologies that capture sustainable financial results.


GARY MAH | Project Manager

Gary has over 20 years of consulting experience on nearly 50 projects worldwide.  He has helped companies of every size achieve their potential with his goal-oriented approach that has delivered sustainable bottom-line results in operations, maintenance and sales management.


MARK PARTYKA | Senior Consultant

Mark has spent much of the past two decades working with many of the leading companies in the forest products industry. He brings a strong background in controls and machinery to our focus on delivering project excellence.


LUCAS RAST | Consultant

Lucas is a graduate of Georgia State University with a degree in Managerial Sciences. He has over 5 years of leadership and process improvement experience, and has worked with multiple Wood Products clients across the US.



Brian is a graduate of Berry College with a degree in Business Management. He has broad international experience, is bilingual in Spanish, and has years of team leadership and performance improvement experience in multiple industries.


What is "OSORNO"?

While in High School in Idaho, Mike Steele met a beautiful girl from Chile and fell in love.  They got married, and so began a long and intensive exposure to Chile and its rugged beauty.  

OSORNO is the name of a picturesque volcano near Puerto Varas, Chile on Lake Llanquihue.  This breathtaking  backdrop has been the setting for several memorable fishing trips and family vacations...and hopefully many more to come.