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A strong market, and high pricing, can mask poor execution. But when the market turns, it is execution that will define who thrives, who barely holds on, and who goes under. You need to know how much poor execution is costing you. Let us help.

In a brief 1-2 weeks on-site, we'll assess your operation for VALUE & RECOVERY opportunities available through improvements in execution. We'll identify:

  1. WHAT opportunities exist in all areas;
  2. WHY those opportunities are either unidentified or unaddressed; and
  3. HOW MUCH those opportunities represent in terms of annual financial benefit.

Our findings will surprise and delight you. 




Identifying VALUE & RECOVERY opportunities is the critical first step to capturing them.. but it's only the first step. Capturing VALUE & RECOVERY gains will require changes to processes, skill sets, and thinking. We're here to help.

After a brief Assessment, we will develop a custom Project proposal that will have us partnering with a select team from your staff. Working together week-in and week-out, we will:

  1. REDESIGN the processes that have allowed the financial opportunities to go uncaptured;
  2. IMPLEMENT the new processes through training, coaching, and mentoring, so that they become part of your corporate DNA; and
  3. CAPTURE RESULTS that are quantifiable, sizable, and sustainable.



Once we have helped you and your team to capture the execution-related opportunity in your mill, you don't want old processes and habits to sap you of what you've captured.

Through a program of ongoing, formal auditing by our team, you can have the confidence that what has been captured will be sustained for the long-haul.



As Jim Collins taught us in "GOOD TO GREAT", leaders of great companies "start by getting the right people on the bus, the wrong people off the bus, and the right people in the right seats".

With deep experience in the forest products sector, and with unparalleled understanding of what it takes to achieve performance excellence, we know the skillsets and mindsets that define exceptional hires.

We can help find, interview, and train key members of your staff to make sure you are positioned to keep your company great...or help get you there.



Everyone can benefit from another set of eyes on critical business decisions that can have a long-term impact on their company...provided, of course, that those eyes have the proper mix of experience, industry knowledge, and acumen.

Whether it is to provide input on a specific decision, to participate in or lead a focused task force, or to serve on a board of advisors, we're the right set of eyes to help guide your most critical decisions.



Poor execution exists and often goes unchallenged due to a lack of performance visibility, and formalized accountability.

Conversely, poor execution is eradicated when 

  1. performance is openly and consistently tracked, and 
  2. actions to deal with root cause problems are formally assigned, and followed up until problems are resolved.

We are proud to have partnered with INPROVE INC, the company that has developed INCITE, the leading Performance & Accountability Software, to deliver a single-point data-to-action solution that is the best we've found to help capture and sustain world-class execution.

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We're forest products industry-specific experts.  We've provided business and management consultant services to dozens of companies all over the world by first identifying the financial opportunity available in their operations, and then helping them capture it.

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